House in Chiyosaki by Coo Planning


"House in Chiyosaki by Coo Planning"

House in Chiyosaki is a minimalist house located in Osaka, Japan, designed by Coo Planning.
The residence is situated on a corner lot with an angled facade in order to maximize the given space.
The main floor features double-height ceilings that not only provides a sense of openness,
but allows natural light to flow through the home as well.
The exterior is clad in vertical timber panels with windows spaces apart to provide privacy.
The interior utilizes the timber material for the ceiling and flooring as well.  ー materialicious



設計監理/一級建築士事務所 Coo Planning
施工/株式会社 伊藤嘉材木店

一級建築士事務所 Coo Planning/大阪市西区京町堀


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